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Founded in 2014, IBEX BEER has grown steadily from humble beginnings.  What started as a homebrew project with water from the source in the garden has grown to a modern, small regional brewery.

In 2023 IBEX moved to its custom built WOOD YARD site, doubling production capacity and bringing game changing brewing and packaging equipment on line.

With over 3500HL production capacity annually at the time of writing, IBEX is making a name for itself throughout the Rhone-Alpes Region.  We consider ourselves a modern, hop focused brewery concentrating on drinkability. 


Our Core range of accessible beers provide a solid backdrop to the WOOD YARD range, bringing slightly stronger brews.  Next to these are our one off beers that change with the season and can include sours, stouts, barrel aged beers and stronger double IPAs.

We believe that there is something for everyone at IBEX, so search us out and let us know!

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